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Surgeon, Author, Speaker and Changemaker!

Dr Arun Dhir is a Melbourne-based Gastrointestinal Surgeon, Speaker, and an advocate for Health and Wellbeing. He has dedicated his life to bringing evidence backed tools that bridge modern medical science with the traditional healing arts fostering “holistic” health and healing.

Media and Events

Dr Arun was the Keynote Speaker at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine Conference in Melbourne.

Dr Arun is featured in A Current Affair

Dr Arun’s article '7 Types of Hunger' published in The Herald Sun

My Life mission

To Empower

I see my life’s mission to present the amazing influence our mind has, on the world we create for ourselves, in a way that empowers everyone that I interact with. This certainly includes every aspect of our being, including the area of our health.

To Inspire

My work as a surgeon might make it seem that I deal with only the physical or bodily aspects of disease. However this knowledge has helped me empower my clients with a unique tool which helps with their “inner healing”- a factor which can have the most powerful influence on outcomes. By being in harmony with ourselves and our surrounds, each one of us can experience success in whatever we do – for the common denominator of success in any field is “being happy and at peace in the moment”.

To Serve

If it is true that Knowledge is Power, then Knowledge about the Self is Self Empowerment. I believe we were all sent on our Earthly journey to fulfil a mission and to lead a Fulfilled life at the same time. That’s indeed what makes the journey more memorable than just reaching the destination. I look forward to sharing the road with you on this journey.

GI Surgeon
Keynote Speaker
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Founder Radical Wellness Programme

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As a Surgeon, Author, Researcher and a Wellness advocate, Dr Arun brings a unique blend of extensive clinical experience, research and experimentation in the fields of gut health, nutrition and human psychology depicting how it affects our health, creativity, relationships and attitudes.

He is an engaging speaker and provides compelling insights.

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Dr. Arun

I asked my master “How can we make a difference in this world?"
"One life at a time” he replied

You can change your world by changing what you feed your mind and your body.

Dr Arun Dhir is a Melbourne based Gastrointestinal and Bariatric (Weight loss) Surgeon. He has a busy private practice that has a strong focus in the area of Weight management and Gut health. He is also a Yoga and meditation teacher and along this journey, has nurtured a very keen interest in mind, body and gut connection, which he incorporates in his practice.

Dr Arun’s current research is on the changes in gut microbiome after obesity surgery and on reflux disease. He has written several books and has published several articles in scientific journals. Dr Arun is a strong advocate for a shift in our approach to managing obesity and many other related chronic illnesses that our society faces. He speaks and writes about a model of holistic“ whole person” approach to health n healing, rather than the traditional ‘cookie cutter’ approach. He writes, speaks and posts regularly on topics of gut health, obesity, gastrointestinal surgery, gut microbiome and the physical and spiritual aspects of healing our body. Along the way he has developed several tools, written books and also developed meditations to help his clients.

GI Surgeon
Keynote Speaker
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Founder Radical Wellness Programme

My Books

Dr. Arun Dhir is an acclaimed author of four books on a variety of topics ranging from health and wellness, to personal growth and spirituality. His books draw on his years of experience in medicine and the spiritual sciences, and offer practical advice and insights for anyone looking to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

My Programs

Power Beyond Prescription Program

A program to achieve healing by aligning the five pillars of health and wellbeing.

My Services


I feel privileged to be able to serve my patients and be able to hopefully make a positive change in their lives. I have practiced surgery now for over 25yrs and never in one day of my life have I ever regretted the position I am in. I am fortunate to have an amazing team that supports me and allows me to do the work that I am so passionate about.

Army Officer

In March 2022 I was appointed into the Royal Australian Army as a General Surgeon (Reserves).Being the son of an army officer, I believe the desire to serve the country that I call home, was in my DNA. I had to go through some very rigorous training which hurt my body but also my ego. Ultimately there were valuable lessons that I needed to learn to have the privilege to serve in the royal Australian army and uphold its values.

Researcher and Speaker

Research and scientific inquiry is the basis of growth and development in any field of work. Although I am not heavily involved in laboratory based research, clinical research has always fascinated me. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate and partner with individuals and organisations on various research projects that I am working on.

I love speaking and sharing my understanding of medicine, surgery and concepts of mind body connexion and how it translates to our health and well being.

Download a Copy of Transformed!

Your guide to Whole Health, Wellness, and a Purposeful Life.

My intention for this book is to help you unlock the innate healing abilities of the body that will allow you to create peak health and healing of chronic diseases, some of which modern medicine does not have a cure for.

A companion book to the Radical Wellness 101 Programme.

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