“Our words have immense power.
They are vibrations infused with energy.
When delivered with passion they can shift and empower.
And also create an amazing synergy.”

Dr. Arun

Dr Arun is an engaging speaker who brings a wealth of experience and insight from his work as a Gastrointestinal surgeon, researcher, and a yoga and meditation teacher. He is an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker and has authored nine books, besides running a popular YouTube Channel and a podcast. He is a General Surgeon with the Royal Australian Army and has delivered talks at large public forums, ran workshops, and has also delivered seminars for smaller audiences both in Australia and overseas.

Dr Arun’s current areas of focus are the topics of building resilience, Gut health and its link to mental health and wellbeing, and how to live a purposeful life. Being a Gastrointestinal and Weight loss (Bariatric) Surgeon, allows him to bring refreshing ideas from the medical field that can allow us to live more empowered and fulfilled lives.

Dr Arun’s Current Speaking Topics

Building Conscious Resilience

Five Strategies to Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience. This talk is based on my latest book ‘Your Mess Has a Message’. The book delves into what happens when adversity strikes and provides a ‘holistic’ approach to building the mental muscle called ‘resilience’.

Power Beyond Prescription - Unlock the missing link in your Healing

This talk is based on my forthcoming book with the same title. Human diseases are on the rise and health care budgets are unsustainable. We have to look beyond a culture of solely relying on  pills and procedures to keep healthy. In fact healthcare the way it is being delivered is really ‘disease-care’.This talk pushes our boundaries of thinking using current evidence and future research.

Ignite Your Creative Genius: Tapping into the Power of Your Gut.

People mostly believe that the Gut is only an organ of digestion. However, the latest scientific research into Gut Health and Gut Microbiome (the bugs that live in our gut and call it their home) is very compelling on how this organ is the seat of our intuition and creativity. Dr Arun brings his knowledge as a Yoga and Meditation teacher to present practical strategies for individuals and organisations on how to boost efficiency and nurture creative thinking.

The Path to Mental Health begins with Gut Health

The term ‘Keeping good Mental Health’ for most individuals is akin to reducing your dependence on medications to avoid getting   In this talk I go deeper into the real challenge with mental health and how we can look at tapping into the our creative potential. The emerging science of the Gut-Brain connection highlights the influence Gut health plays in impacting our Mental Health. I share concepts and ideas that impact our ability to make fast and impactful decisions in any circumstance. These are imperative for every leader in every field to know.

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