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Power Beyond Prescription

In this 5-week lecture series, Dr Arun will take you on a journey where he combines metaphysical concepts of the mind and the evidence of modern science on how we can unlock our body’s amazing healing abilities.

Change Your Cancer Story

A workshop for anyone wanting to change their cancer journey or for a loved one.

Gut Healing Online Workshop

Conveniently spaced over 3 days, this Gut Healing online workshop includes 8 hours of integrative medicine teachings, delivered by naturopathic doctor and mindfulness expert, Daniel Cerny, and gastrointestinal surgeon, yoga and meditation teacher, Dr Arun Dhir.

Meditation and Healing

Meditation is well known as a way to help you shut out unhelpful thoughts and relax, but when practised regularly (Hassed recommends daily) it seems meditation can also help boost your health in the longer term.

Radical Wellness 101 Online Program

In this 6-part online program, Dr Arun Dhir will guide you through his 5 Pillars of Health & Wellbeing and how to integrate them into your everyday life! Learn at your own pace. One-time registration, lifetime access. Launching soon!