Holidays are a time to relax

relaxing with a book

Holidays are a time to relax

… and cherish the power of presence


relaxing reading a book
Modern life is more fast-paced than ever, and we’ve all got a lot of day to day demands on our time. From work stresses to parental responsibilities, finance worries and important calendar dates, we could all definitely use a break every once in a while!

But the sound of holidays seems somewhat “weird” in times like these. We have been homebound, self isolating, have lost jobs … and possibly have had enough of our loved ones (for some)

And with most of the kids homeschooling … who loves the sound of school holidays!

parents dealing with school closure

Perhaps we need a different way to relax!

My way is generally to fly away!

Most holidays, I find it easiest to just fly away and I can say this with a hand on my heart…I have never felt so pushed to just “take a flight” to wherever! But that is very unlikely to happen anytime soon!

So these holidays, I am soaking myself in a session of reading some interesting books that I have already ordered. Books like The One Thing and Why People Don’t Heal and how they can are some of my hot favourites, that I am looking forward to dive in. I have also signed up for an online course in Energy Medicine, one of my latest passions.


Also, please allow me to share with you my top three strategies
(that I am going to be practicing too) to keep our
Mind, Body, & Spirit Healthy Through the Holidays

relaxing reading book with coffee

1. Be Intentional with Your Time

While it can be a delightful experience to reconnect with friends and family during the holiday season, an endless melee of activity can zap your energy and leave you feeling drained. Before committing to another Zoom party or gift exchange, check your intention. Are you doing something because it nourishes your spirit or are you doing it out of obligation? If it’s the latter, kindly communicate to the host that you are in need of some downtime but would love to schedule a time to catch up after the holidays. Then instead of heading out, head in: watch a movie with the family, sip hot cider by the fire, read a book, play board games, or engage in any other activity that lights up your heart.


2. Stay Active

A calendar full of Zoom festivities can quickly squeeze out your regular yoga or home gym hours. Yet your physical health is important, and working out during the holidays will do more than keep your weight in check—it can also tame stress, lessen holiday blues, and increase energy.

couple walking with masks by edwin-gonzalez
Don’t be afraid to spice up your physical fitness routine to accommodate a busy calendar. The key is to choose activities that keep you moving. As an added bonus, when you connect with others over physical activities, there will be fewer opportunities to overindulge in food and drinks.

3. Find the Blessings of Imperfection

Do you have visions of sipping cocoa with your dreamy-eyed children by the fireplace, singing carols around the family room piano, or creating the perfect holiday meal? If so, you may be harboring expectations that set you up for disappointment. Idyllic holiday hopes often turn out more like spilled cocoa, crying children, and overcooked casserole. By adjusting your expectations, you liberate yourself and others from the pursuit of perfection and allow yourself to receive the gifts in imperfection.

family camping by victor-larracuente
The spilled drink offers a spontaneously cleaned floor, the crying child reminds us that he is healthy and alive, and the food that catches on fire creates funny holiday memories. Daily life does not have to be flawless to be beautiful; it can be perfectly imperfect.
holding lights in hand

I am also really excited to share with you my latest book “Your Mess Has A Message” due for launch in March ’21 (TBC).

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To attend LIVE book Launch please register your interest here.

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