Is it true “Your Mess Has a Message”? Part 1

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Is it true “Your Mess Has a Message”? Part 1

Aug 2, 2021

The desire to lead a fulfilled, happy life is innately embedded in all of us. This is a sign of progress, of development and evolution, that has been coded into our DNA.

However we know as humans that pain and adversity is the other side of the coin. Even though we never wish for this, we may witness the stresses of poor health, disintegrating relationships or work related woes in our lives. So if happiness is what we seek, why do we have to suffer?

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This question on suffering has puzzled mankind since the emergence of human consciousness, making us wonder why bad things happen, especially to good people. Is it just the way we look at life or is there more to it?

Every adversity that we encounter has the potential to either push us down into a warren of depression, guilt and suffering or to elevate us to the heights of wisdom, meaning and inspired action.

If the work of mother nature is perfect, how can adversity be classed as perfect? How can we empower ourselves to see ‘gifts’ in our adversity?

Does adversity have the ability to elevate us?

The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus stated that greater the difficulty, greater the glory in surmounting it. In other words, by responding – not reacting – to challenges, we develop new skills or personality traits that cause us to grow emotionally and spiritually.

The effort required to develop these skills allows us an elevated level of awareness, which is the first step in developing our self-esteem. Without self-esteem, you would always be in doubt, as doubt reflects a lack of trust in yourself and the Universe.

Life keeps unfolding continuously, like a never-ceasing carpet roll beneath our feet. Accepting that life’s difficulties are a mechanism for growth that offer the potential to open new possibilities allows us the choice to soften our resistance to those events. When we change and live our lives from this perspective, it’s called evolution.

As a human race, we are constantly evolving. And on this journey, we pass through the following four stages:

Four stages

Many people cease their ongoing journey prematurely towards becoming a master, for a variety of reasons, and are content with mostly blaming and complaining about the events and problems in the external world that happened to them.

These are the ‘excuses’ we use to explain our Victim state. Only a few endeavour to get into the Student or the Manifestor states. Attaining the Master state perhaps develops over lifetimes, but it is the one to endeavour for at all times.

I hope you’re enjoying reading my reflections. In the book I present some practical strategies that I have personally researched, tried and tested before I could let them find their way into the book. Stay tuned in and Look out for a FREE gift I will be giving away in Part 3 of this series.

“Your Mess Has A Message is a playbook for handling change.”

Bob Proctor

Chairman of The Proctor Gallagher Institute. Star of the super hit movie “The Secret”, and best-selling author of “You Were Born Rich”.

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