My Books

My journey as an author of four books!

Dr. Arun Dhir is an acclaimed author of four books on a variety of topics ranging from health and wellness, to personal growth and spirituality. His books draw on his years of experience in medicine and the spiritual sciences, and offer practical advice and insights for anyone looking to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Creating a New You

Journal your journey to lasting wellness and weight loss transformation. An informative and interactive 24 - week journal on developing awareness on key healthy habits for lasting weight loss success.

Your Mess Has a Message

Borne out of personal adversity Dr Arun shares lessons learnt on how to unravel the gifts hidden in any crisis that we face. The underlying theme on which the book is written remains “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”.


A practical guide to Whole Health, Wellness and a Purpose driven Life. This serves as a companion book to the Radical Wellness 101 Programme. This programme is based on the Five pillars of health which allows us to unlock the innate healing abilities of the body.

Happy Gut, Healthy Weight

Discover how a happy gut holds the key to achieving and maintaining your healthy weight. Read more here. “Happy Gut, Healthy Weight” is now available on Amazon and book stores.