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Peak Health Mastery Programme

Elevating your health and vitality to a new height

Our previous programme titled Radical Wellness 101 has been rebranded and updated to Peak Health Mastery in keeping with revised and fresh content that is being currently offered.We thank you for your co operation as we transition through this title migration.

What is Peak Health?

A state of balance and harmony in the 7 facets of our being

A Holistic Programme Focusing On The 5 Pillars Of Health And Well-Being






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Is Peak Health Mastery for me?

Peak Health Mastery is for you if you wish to adopt a holistic and scientific approach to

Remarkable transformation journey focused on weight loss goals

Personalised strategies to optimise and nurture gut health

Elevating vitality levels and energy for a more vibrant lifestyle

Pursuing excellence in all aspects to attain peak performance

Introducing Peak Health Mastery Programme: Elevating your health and vitality to a new height

Join us for expert guidance from Dr. Arun Dhir, integrating modern science with traditional healing. Explore evidence-based learning, mindfulness movements, and mindfulness training. Gain insights, debunk myths, and connect mind, body, and surroundings. Secure your spot now!

Why Peak Health Mastery?

People are drowning in Information overload. This has led to widespread confusion. Peak Health Mastery is the programme for you if you wish to create tangible and measurable change in your life. Not just in theory but putting it into practice.

Led by a medical professional, emphasising mind-body connection expertise

Group participation fosters accountability and support in your journey

Step-by-step approach with actionable tasks after each session

Facilitates habit and routine change through systematic blueprint creation.


Download a Copy of Transformed!

Your guide to Whole Health, Wellness and a Purposeful Life. Our intention is to unlock the innate healing abilities of the body to create peak health and healing of chronic diseases, some of which modern medicine does not have a cure for. A companion book to the Peak Health Mastery.


Dr. Arun

Surgeon, Author, Speaker and Changemaker!

Dr. Arun Dhir, a prominent Bariatric Surgeon hailing from Melbourne, also shines as an author, yogi, and advocate for health and wellness. Through his writings and talks, he consistently delves into topics such as wellbeing, optimising gut health, and invigorating vitality to foster more meaningful, purpose-driven lives.

At the core of his mission lies the aspiration to equip individuals with the resources necessary to cultivate fulfilling and joyous lives, firmly believing that it all commences with health. As he succinctly puts it, "Health is our first wealth!"

Hear from our Past Participants

I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed and learnt from the Peak Health Mastery Programme. The importance of the body and mind is critical for a healthy life. I did not know before of the link between the gut and the brain. The last week was so informative about protein and building it up for a lasting life. I hope everybody got as much out of it as I did! Thanks Dr Arun.


Churchill, Victoria

Thank you Dr Arun, for the session this morning. We loved all of it. Your presentation and delivery of the information is really second to none. It’s presented in an uncomplicated way that people can relate – it’s compelling – and a great mix of resources referenced. Debbie and I are very grateful that you have come into our lives.

Pete and Deb

Adelaide, South Australia

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“For some, absence of disease is health, but others set their eyes on living life at their peak potential, which is only possible when you are not merely disease free, rather in a state of excellent health and wellness. A state I refer to as Radical Wellness.”

We live in a culture of pills and procedures

You have a headache. You go for a pill to fix it.

You have blood pressure… there is a pill for it.

Your have problems with your love life… there is a pill for that too!!

With our increasingly busy lifestyles, we tend to opt for a quick fix to our ailments, and this often involves a pill of some kind. And if the problem gets too serious there is a procedure too!

Have we become too reliant on modern medicines? And if so, could this be doing us more harm than good? Are we losing touch with the amazing healing abilities we possess.


The GOAL of Radical Wellness 101 is to allow individuals to reach a peak state of comprehensive health and wellness, not mere absence of disease, by unlocking body’s innate abilities of healing and by incorporating lifestyle modifications.


The VISION of Radical Wellness 101 is to empower individuals with evidence based tools, practises and experiences with which they manifest their healing, health and wellbeing, to live meaningful lives.

My Journey of Awakening

Having worked for over two decades in the medical field as a specialist GI surgeon and also practicing yoga and meditation, I came to an early realisation that the science of Medicine had blessed the human race with some amazing discoveries and inventions, that have undoubtedly helped in improving our life spans and overall quality of life. The advent of antibiotics, procedures to treat cataracts for example, are invaluable and life saving.

What also dawned upon me a few years later though, was that patients kept falling ill again and again. Although taking pills and doing more procedures seemed inevitable to fix health problems—it did not seem to prevent new ones from developing. Also, when it came to the rising problem of cancer, obesity and cardio vascular diseases in society, pills were only scratching the surface.

More importantly these same pills were actually disempowering our patients, causing them to rely heavily on reaching out for a pill for a fix, rather than balancing the body’s innate healing abilities. Modern Medicine may have increased our life span, but certainly not our health span. I decided to embark on a journey of awakening to quench the thirst of the curious healer within me. And that is what lead to the birth of Radical Wellness 101.

This Human Body is a Remarkable “Machine”.

Although we have been given this amazing gift, at times we do not quite appreciate the inner workings of this amazing machine. Our ignorance of these matters keeps us from becoming a “greater” version of ourselves. This is something that can be accessed through not only right nutrition and physical activity but by effectively balancing our body’s energies and through transformational mind work.

The harmony between mind, body & spirit.

Advances in neuroscience and neuropsychology have shown that mind and body are in constant communication, with a flow of nerve signal and hormones from the brain to the cells of the body and then back again. We know the mind tells the body how to feel, but the body can tell the mind how to think.

Mental stress and unresolved trauma can affect the well-being of our physical body just as long-standing physical pain can manifest in mental pain or illness. Limiting mental patterns accumulated through trauma over time, creating an unconscious negative mental talk that has the ability to manifest as disease.

When we live in high-stress states for extended periods, we will end up impacting the heart (leading to arrhythmias or high blood pressure), digestion (causing indigestion, reflux irritable bowel and inflammation) and the immune function (causing colds, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis and even cancers).

Becoming conscious or aware of how our stress related emotions are pushing us into states of disease and throwing our immune system out of balance, allows us to look at how bringing a balance in the 5 pillars of healing can result in optimal health.

All proceeds go towards “Circle of Life Foundation”, educating underprivileged children in Australia, Bali and India.

*Not yet a registered charity


Dr. Arun

Dr Arun Dhir is a Gastrointestinal surgeon and has practised his craft for over three decades.

Dr Arun is also a senior lecturer (Monash University) and yoga and meditation teacher, with a strong interest in the mind-body-gut connection. He regularly writes and speaks about gut health, gut microbiome, obesity, gastrointestinal surgery and healing. Arun’s published works include Happy Gut Healthy Weight (Balboa Press 2018), “Creating a New You – Health Journal ” (Metagenics 2019), and Your Mess Has a Message (2021).

Dr Arun is happy to answer any questions you might have...

Disclaimer: The Peak Health Mastery Programme focuses on recalibrating and balancing the inner environment. Some clients may need to continue to take help of medications for extended periods of time, depending on the severity of their medical condition. Our intention is to integrate the The Peak Health Mastery Programme elements with any ongoing medical treatment that our patrons may require, under the supervision of their medical practitioners. The program is an integrative approach rather than an exclusive approach, that is based on safe, professional and an evidence based approach to health and wellness. We urged our patrons to not suspend, discontinue or alter any medical treatment without the recommendation of their medical practitioners. Dr Arun Dhir, his associates, team members and partners will not be liable for any harm, injury or loss arising out of this.

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