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Conversations with world experts to dissect modern day challenges that keep us from living an empowered and fulfilled life.

Our recent guests who have gone ... 'Under the Knife... with Dr Arun'

'Zero Limits'
Dr Joe Vitale

Dr John Demartini
Global Educator

Michael Yardney
Author, Wealth Educator, Success Habits Mentor and Podcaster

Dr Dalal Akoury
Integrative Physician, Oncologist & Women’s Health Expert
Tennessee, USA

Dr Craig Hassad OAM
Medical Advisor Monash University

Emily Gowor
Inspirational Writer & Keynote Speaker

Andrea Putting
Author, Speaker and Social Mission Activist

Rik Schnabel
Author, Radio Host and Brain Untrainer

Fred Luskin
Director of Stanford Forgiveness Project

Dr. Olivia Ong


For Many the concept of health is defined as the absence of disease and so many of us assume that health and wellness can only be achieved by taking pills and having procedures. This is how we become disempowered and wait for something outside of us to heal us. The ability to chat with Dr Arun will allow you to provide a new piece of the puzzle that has not been explored in the mainstream arena with a surgeon. Our hope is that through this collaboration everyone walks away with new wisdom.

The Vision

'Under the Knife' with Dr Arun is an attempt to tap into the rich wisdom of world experts from various fields, and to embody tools that can allow us to change our own destiny – not just in the field of health and wellness rather in every facet of a fulfilled life – but it begins with our physical, mental and spiritual health. Because as Emerson said, ”Health is our first wealth, the value of which is only recognised, when it is lost”.

GI Surgeon
Keynote Speaker
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Founder Radical Wellness Programme

About The Host

Dr Arun

Dr Arun Dhir is a World renowned Surgeon specialising in Upper Gastrointestinal and Bariatric Surgery. He is a Lecturer, Researcher, Author, Keynote Speaker, and a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. He is the Founder of the Radical Wellness Programme which incorporates a whole person approach to health and wellness. Dr Arun is on a life mission to empower and educate the global community through his work.

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