5-part lecture series with Dr Arun

Unlock the Missing link in Your Healing

In this 5-week lecture series, Dr Arun will take you on a journey where he combines metaphysical concepts of the mind and the evidence of modern science on how we can unlock our body’s amazing healing abilities.

About The Program

Power Beyond Prescription is a 5-part program that incorporates evidence-based mind-body concepts that allow individuals to work in an integrative manner with modern medicine.

The concepts presented do not involve selling people some supplements, or asking them to dump their medications or anything else that may compromise their overall health and well-being.

Disease care vs Health care! A culture of convenience with Pills and Procedures

Lecture 1 of this 5 part series is really the foundation on how you can play a key role in creating your own healing.

Energy – Matter – Disease ! Tapping into our Inner Pharmacy

Lecture 2 brings to light the intricate yet powerful link between energy, matter and disease.

Five power Tools for Healing the Body

In Lecture 3, Dr Arun explains how we can transition from a ‘heated’ emotional state of inner conflict to a Heart centred state of cohesion.

Mind Power -Tapping into the Gold Mine of Health and wellbeing

Lecture 4 is about understanding your GUT and how this is an engine of energy for your body.

Optimising your Inner “Power Hose

In Lecture 5 Dr Arun explains these 5 practical tools that will allow you to start putting theory into practice.

Dr Arun Dhir

FRCS (Edinburgh,UK), FRACS

GI Surgeon, Author, Sr Lecturer (Melb. Uni)

Dr Arun Dhir is a Melbourne based GastroIntestinal andBariatric Surgeon. He has a b usy private practice that has a strong focus in the area of obesity management and gut health. Dr Arun’s current research is on the changes in gut microbiome after obesity surgery and on reflux disease. He has also written several books and has published several articles in scientific journals. Arun’s published works include Happy Gut Healthy Weight (Balboa Press 2018), “Creating a New You – Health Journal” (Metagenics 2019), and Your Mess Has a Message (2021).

Dr Arun is also a Yoga and Meditation teacher that allows him to better understand and assist his clients with the mind-body-gut connection. He regularly writes and speaks about gut health, gut microbiome, obesity, gastrointestinal surgery and healing.

Dr Arun’s life vision is to bridge the art of Eastern healing and the science of Western medicine through education and research.

Arun loves cycling, hiking and playing drums. He also serves in the Royal Australian Army as a General Surgeon.

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“For some, absence of disease is health, but others set their eyes on living life at their peak potential, which is only possible when you are not merely disease free, rather in a state of excellent health and wellness.” – Dr Arun Dhir

Do you actually hold the power to Heal yourself?

Or are you defined by the diagnosis you have been given and just live by the rules of taking pills and filling your prescriptions.

What would healing mean for you if it were a reality?

Would it mean living pain-free?

Perhaps there is a blueprint to achieving this state of health and vitality.

In this 5-part lecture series, Dr Arun will take you on a journey where he combines metaphysical concepts of the mind and the evidence of modern science on how we can unlock our body’s amazing healing abilities.

The program is not about dumping medications or ditching the miracles of modern medicine. Rather it takes an integrated approach and allows you to gain clarity, mental focus and vitality which is the basis of success in any area of one’s life.

Undoubtedly, modern medicine has provided many miracles in extending our health and wellbeing, however, we continue to struggle with newer and perhaps more serious challenges when it comes to our physical and mental wellbeing. This is where we need to change our perspective. Perhaps change the way we look at things. Because, when we change the way we look at things ,what we look at also changes.

This course includes:

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Hear From Participants

Bron was on a very high dose of painkiller medications taking up to five tablet every day. After completing this programmed she reduced her pain relief medications in half and is able to walk and move better.
Program Attendee
I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed and learnt from the this Program. The importance of the body and mind is critical for a healthy life. I did not know before of the link between the gut and the brain. The last week was so informative about protein and how they are the building blocks of our body and how they can be changed with our thoughts. I hope everybody got as much out of it as I did! Thanks Dr Arun.
Churchill, Victoria
Thank you Dr Arun, for the session this morning. We loved all of it. Your presentation and delivery of the information is really second to none. It’s presented in an uncomplicated way that people can relate – it’s compelling – and a great mix of resources referenced. Debbie and I are very grateful that you have come into our lives.
Pete and Deb
Adelaide, South Australia

Dr Arun

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