Power Beyond Prescription – 5-Part Lecture Series (Full Series Booking)

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In this 5-week lecture series, Dr Arun will take you on a journey where he combines metaphysical concepts of the mind and the evidence of modern science on how we can unlock our body’s amazing healing abilities.

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Purchase the full course to complete online at your own pace.

This course includes:

  • Full 5 Part Lecture Series
  • FIVE brief meditations which will complement each lecture
  • Upon completion of the course, you will be the first to receive a Soft copy of Dr Arun’s forthcoming book, Power Beyond Prescription

Upon successful booking:

  • Login to your dashboard to access the course
  • Click on the link provided in your order confirmation email to download Dr Arun’s Health Optimisation Blueprint so you can kick start your healing journey right away!

By proceeding with this booking, you are booking in for: THE FULL 5-Part Lecture Series.

Additional information


By signing up to the program, I understand that the Power Beyond Prescription lecture series is not a substitute for medical attention.
Being a hybrid program (offered both in-person and virtually) I understand that video or audio may be recorded during the class and any contributions I make as part of my participation may be captured on video or audio and used for information and education purposes only.

Number of Sessions

Full 5 Part Lecture Series


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