The Gut Healing Workshop


with ND Daniel Cerny & Dr Arun Dhir.
5-7 November 2021
This workshop is suitable for anyone who is dealing with ongoing digestive conditions, diabetes, fatty liver, weight problems, sluggish metabolism, inflammatory conditions, IBS and reflux/heartburn.

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with ND Daniel Cerny & Dr Arun Dhir.
5-7 November 2021

Conveniently spaced over 3 days, this Gut Healing online workshop includes 8 hours of integrative medicine teachings, delivered by naturopathic doctor and mindfulness expert, Daniel Cerny, and gastrointestinal surgeon, yoga and meditation teacher, Dr Arun Dhir.

Daniel and Arun’s Gut Healing program uses a highly effective combination of modern diagnostic tools, lifestyle interventions and time-honored mind-body practices to rebalance and support your gut, so you can reclaim and maintain optimal wellness.


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