by Dr Arun

Yoga unites you into the present moment. The only place where life exists.

Col. VK Dhir


Ex Indian Army
Friend to Many
Dedicated to serving humanity across borders.

Col. Dhir has been a close associate of Baba Ramdev, well respected Indian Yoga guru. He currently lives in San Francisco and as part of his volunteering work runs regular Yoga and Meditation classes through the Los Altos County.

In Gratitude

I dedicate this programme to my Papa (Dad), a retired Army officer who, after retirement, undertook to train himself to be a Yoga teacher and dedicate his life to serving others by showcasing how we can reclaim our health and vitality regardless of our age. Papa you are a role model to many and especially to me and I dedicate this programme to you.

About The Program

‘Stress’ is a buzzword in the modern world. And stress has become an acceptable way of life today, which is surely not at all good for our physical and mental health. Yoga seeks to replace this stress with calmness and peace. That’s the importance of Yoga. Yoga opens up the blockages at our mind, body, breath and emotional level and takes us to a much higher plane of living. The yogic way of life ensures that every situation is not viewed as stressful and the body is not always in flight or fight mode. Yoga paves the way for the rejuvenation, rest and growth of our body.
In this programme, I have attempted to simplify the practice of Yoga as I have refined it over many years based on evidence and self-reflection.

Always consult your medical practitioners before you embark on a new programme of physical and mental activity.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from this programme

Play Video about Structured Yoga
Sun Salutations 1

Part 1 : Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation offers a treasure trove of health and wellness benefits, even for a beginner. Though Sun Salutations are comparatively simple, the benefits remain significant. Indeed, just a little bit of stretching and breathing with focused intention has the potential to reset your mind and body for the rest of the day.In this video Dr Arun takes you through ten rounds of Sun Salutation and explains the steps so you can follow easily.

Sun Salutations 2

Part 2 : Four Step Yoga Schedule

Yoga as a practice offers numerous benefits for physical and mental health, development and healing. Yoga helps in reducing joint pain, and muscle or back pain. It also helps in reducing blood pressure levels it improves - brain function, heart function, lung capacity, muscle strength, balance and flexibility and much more. In this video Dr Arun provides a 4 step structure to this practice.

Yoga means addition. Addition of strength, energy and beauty to Body, Mind and Soul.

The Benefits of Yoga

Dr Arun

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