My Vision

The Heal Centre

An abode for Whole Health, Wellness and Soul Based Healing

The Soul always knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

For centuries man has searched ways to heal and the exploration of this subject has been one of the primal needs of our existence. Living in a “wounded” state is no way to live. The “wounds” are not only diseases or ailments of the body, but those of the Mind and the Soul.

The sheer volume of ways and methods to achieve any form of healing, is a testimony to the fact that there is more than one “road” that can lead us to this ever desirable destination.

The only way to have a beautiful future is to heal the past.

The Heal Centre is a bridge between the “Science” of Modern Medicine and the “Art” of Traditional Eastern Healing.

The Heal Centre

At The Heal Centre, we have a philosophy of Soul based Healing, which rests on a firm belief that all healing requires a positive shift in an individual’s energetic field. This can be achieved at various levels. And the deeper one goes, more profound is the healing. The deepest level being that of the Soul.

“It is not enough to solve the problem…..Rather it is crucial to address the thinking that created the problem in the first place.”
Dr. Arun Dhir

Peel the onion back to the core

When exploring potential solutions with our clients on how we get to the core of the matter, we adopt “Peeling the Onion back to the Core” analogy.

It is your core – your “Sub Conscious Beliefs” which is driving you to have a limited view of your current life circumstances.

Whether it is a health diagnosis or any other life challenge – at the core of it lies a “conflict” between your values and the story you chose to tell yourself!

A Mind, Body, Gut and Soul based approach for healing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, gut, skin conditions, and many other chronic diseases.

Level 1: Mind

Your Mind Gets Engaged With Information.

The mind is the seat of your senses and processes all information coming to you. This information has to be profound and coming from a valid source, that has no selfish interest, other than to create a healing for you. This can be picked by many verbal and non-verbal cues, such as the tone, style and body language of the person delivering the information.

Level 2: Body

Our Body Does What the Mind Knows.

Changing how you think, which happens whenever you get new information, causes you to reexamine the relationship between your mind and body. This is best explained by the following example. If you desire to lose weight, you will start gathering information on how exercise and stress management influence your weight. When you start implementing this information, your body starts to reflect what your mind has learnt. Your body literally Embodies your Mind. Our Body learns by the Emotions or Feelings it is experiencing after applying some information.

Level 3: Gut

The Seat of Intuition and Immune System.

The subject of Gut is very topical these days. People get focused on the physical aspects of our Gastrointestinal system like digestive aspects, diet, probiotics and colonic detoxing. However, the other two aspects that are crucial to tapping into the full power of this level are Immune System and Gut Instinct – “Intuition”. You Gut is the seat of your Immune system as 70% of your immune system lives here. If your gut is not healthy, your immune system will be weak, making you prone to developing infections and also some autoimmune conditions. Your Gut also is the source of “your gut feelings” – the intuition. Even though you perceive these in your brain, they originate in your gut and communicate with your brain via the “Gut Brain Axis”. A healthy gut will optimise all three aspects of its function and forms a crucial part of the healing pillars.

Level 4: Heart

Seat Of Your Emotions.

Since ancient times, the heart has been a symbol of our emotions. Even though we may think of the heart and brain as being completely separate from each other, scientific research is proving that there is an intimate connection between the two. And when your emotions adversely affect your brain, your heart is affected as well. The heart also generates a significant electromagnetic field in the body. It is estimated that this electrical field is 600 times greater than the electrical activity of the brain. The heart plays a significant role in amplifying the electromagnetic energy that is transmitted on to the higher centres in the brain.

Level 5: Soul

The Basis Of All Healing.

Without a defined sense of purpose, you can easily begin to DRIFT. This is what your soul is yearning you to do–to find your purpose? To find meaning and the answer to the question “Why were you sent to this planet?” Studies after studies reveal that people who experience an inner calling and who act on it, not only experience better physical and mental health, rather are better connected to their inner and outer environment (which includes people, events and circumstances). As Carolyn Myss mentions in her book Anatomy of the Soul, “The ever increasing rise of depression, anxiety and ADHD in our society is not a reflection of crisis in mental health, rather a crisis in spiritual health.”

Our approach to Problem Solving

Every Life Challenge is a Journey of Self Discovery.

“To heal is to close the wounds of the past, and be the best version of yourself”

The Basis of Disease, Disintegration, Disillusionment – 3 D’s

Our approach focuses on the 5 primal questions

The answers to these questions reveal in the self discovery process as we slowly learn to unfold and silence the mind.

Dr. Arun Dhir

As a bariatric surgeon, educator, author of two books and researcher for over three decades, Dr Arun has dealt with people suffering from obesity, cancer and who are at the end of their tether due to a multitude of interrelated health conditions. Unbeknownst to them, these health conditions have come about from a subtle and subconscious deterioration of the 5 foundational pillars of health and wellness- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental.

Dr Arun is also an experienced yoga, meditation and lifestyle educator, and brings in a wealth of experience from Eastern and Western forms of healing arts, to create a unique blend of information which is evidence based, yet practical – which if applied with Faith and commitment, will begin to show its powerful effect. The testimony he has received, attest to the efficacy and durability of his structured approach and the strength of his teaching style.

Let Dr Arun be Your Health, Wellness Mentor and Life Strategist

My intention for the world is that we are able to heal the wounds of our past that cause our soul to wear the scars of disease, misery and suffering. Only this can allow us to sow seeds of love, peace and harmony in our world.
Dr. Arun Dhir

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Frequently Asked Questions

These mentoring sessions involve going deep into the psychology of why we are where we are. When we feel stuck, it is like we are drowning and we need an external person to show us the way, by throwing a “line” at us. These sessions are based on a three step process :

  1. Body: Current health issue, pain point – what is your body telling you?
  2. Identity: Connection with self and others, relationships, the mask, meaning.
  3. Journey: Vision for Your Future, Life Strategy, Defining Your Purpose.

Ultimate outcome of a mentoring sessions is getting clarity around what is your real purpose and developing a strategy around achieving it.

Mentoring sessions involve written and practical exercises that are done during the sessions with the intention to unmask the core underlying issues that need to be dealt with to create any form of impact or healing.

Generally, no. The intention of these sessions is to unlock your full potential and your body’s innate healing abilities. You may need to continue to take your prescription medications as recommended by your medical practitioners, until such time that it is considered safe to wean them off.

In some instances supplements and vitamins may be prescribed based on results of assessments and investigations.

The person who we rely on to give us information or mentoring should have demonstrated results in their own life by how they carry and conduct themselves. The mentor should not only have experience of life and (some of) life’s adversities, but have risen in a way that his /her actions are considered exemplary.

Most importantly, the mentor should deliver all information without any selfish intent. A selfish intent always leads to a loss of uplifting energy between the mentor and mentee, leading to breakdown of the relationship and dissatisfaction on both sides.

Each session of mentoring is one hour long and costs $200.00. This includes time for some practical interventions and written work.Sessions can be done face to face or online via Zoom. Please note that there may be no Medicare rebate for these sessions UNLESS there is an associated gut health issue that needs investigation/ management, in which case Dr Arun’s staff will advise you of any Medicare Rebates.

On an average an individual would need 8-10 sessions to achieve a desired outcome in certain area of their life.

Please note currently we are only booking online sessions.