Unlock Your Mindpower

Dr Arun Dhir / Unlock Your Mindpower

My Thoughts on Suffering

Nothing in this world happens by chance. I would often be at loss to explain when my patients asked me why they got struck by cancer, why did they get a particular disease or for that matter a complication of a procedure…surely, I believed that everything happened for a reason, but I did not have the courage or the conviction to tell this to my patients.

Putting Ourselves Into a State

Based on my medical knowledge, I would come up with possible reasons for the events – but these were answers that were never very convincing to me.

Contrary to modern medical teaching, I was convinced that we don’t fall sick, we put ourselves into a state until we become sick.

The Power of the Mind

My enquiry into the subject of “Mind over Matter” has led me on a journey that continues to unfold the amazing potential of the human mind. The power of the human mind and its ability to influence and create the physical world around each one of us is truly fascinating.

Have you ever realized that you are the architect of your own world? Each one of us is seeking happiness, growth, greater fulfillment with lasting & loving relationships. While many have achieved this, there are many more who are victims of lack & want in many areas of their lives. Do you know that every individual, no matter what his circumstances, has deep reservoirs of infinite talent and skills within themselves? All of this begins to reveal itself, when we make a decision to take charge of our greatest asset “our mental factory”. As Jim Rohn said, our mind is like a factory, we need to be very careful about what we are putting into it, as all of this is going to be shaping our reality.

Dear Friends, it all starts with making a decision to change. Change is the law of Nature; however personal growth is a choice! How do you know if you are truly successful in all areas of your life…very simple…just look at your results.

As part of our services on Mind Power for Health and Success, we will work with you to develop a strategy for you to achieve your health goals. We strongly believe that a strong mindset forms the basic foundation for success in any area of one’s personality.

We utilize a variety of techniques to achieve the desired results, some of which include:

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction methods
  • Hormonal and Biochemical analysis
  • Digestive analysis
  • Goal setting and motivational exercises

If you think there is room for personal growth and lasting health, we invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of our experts. This could potentially transform your life in many different areas and bring about true success. Life is only complete if there is harmony in all areas of one’s life.