Is it True “Your Mess Has a Message”? Part 2: A Quantum view of health and disease

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Is it True “Your Mess Has a Message”? Part 2: A Quantum view of health and disease

Aug 11, 2021

Why does our health break down?

The question about why we fall prey to disease has always intrigued me.

Being a medical practitioner, you would imagine that the answer should be obvious to me. And I know the technical answer: it is usually an infection or some kind of a mechanical problem such as a blockage or a growth or some kind of inflammation. And if nothing else seems to satisfactorily explain why a disease is setting in, the most convenient answer is our parents – that is, our genetics.

However, even as we become better at dealing with infections, our society is witnessing a rather alarming rise in the prevalence of non-infectious diseases. Among these are diabetes, cardiac problems, cancers and obesity-triggered illnesses. We treat these diseases with a multitude of pills and procedures, hardly realising that these attempts only scratch the surface of the problem.

Does adversity have the ability to elevate us?

The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus stated that greater the difficulty, greater the glory in surmounting it. In other words, by responding – not reacting – to challenges, we develop new skills or personality traits that cause us to grow emotionally and spiritually.

The effort required to develop these skills allows us an elevated level of awareness, which is the first step in developing our self-esteem. Without self-esteem, you would always be in doubt, as doubt reflects a lack of trust in yourself and the Universe.

“A Quantum view of health and disease: Do our emotions influence our state of health and wellbeing?”

As our understanding of disease expands, scientific inquiry is pointing its finger towards sources beyond those that are visible to the human eye, examining them as possible causes for our state of ill-health or disease. I am referring here to the field of quantum physics, which is based on the fundamental understanding that we all have energy associated with us and have an electromagnetic field around us.

Four stages

The above image is from the book Your Mess Has a Message. Copyright Dr Arun Dhir

“My Health is in a Mess: Six Tools to unlock the Message”

I share with you one of my six tools that I talk about in the book to unlock the message when you find your health is in a ‘mess’.


“Accept the diagnosis, but not the prognosis”

This can be hard especially if you’ve been diagnosed with a critical medical condition such as cancer. However finding the message in this mess involves doing the following:

a. Seek guidance from reliable sources that resonate with you and give yourself time to ‘digest’ the information before acting on it.

b. The internet can be very misleading if you don’t know what you’re looking for!

c. Trust your intuition. You can only do this once you quieten the persistent chatter of your mind.

d. Reach out to connect with spiritual/wellness teachers. If you are dedicated to doing the inner work, the right teacher will appear when you’re ready.”

I hope you’re enjoying reading my reflections. In the book I present some practical strategies that I have personally researched, tried and tested before I could let them find their way into the book.

Stay tuned in and look out for a FREE gift I will be giving away in Part 3 of this series.

“A brilliant, eye opening masterpiece for human transformation that wakes up the inspired master from within and brings meaning and wellness.”

Dr John Demartini

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Excerpt From: Dr Arun Dhir. “Your Mess has a Message.”

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