Group Intention for ‘Global Healing’

Group Intention for ‘Global Healing’

by Mar 27, 2020Event, Feature

Register now for Group Intention for Global Healing Session starting THIS SATURDAY.

As Coronavirus presses the reset button on our lives – it is leaving many of us with anxiety, worry and loss.

How did we find ourselves amidst this situation? Is there a message in this for us or is Mother Earth trying to communicate with us by a language that we don’t quite understand?

Perhaps it is a matter of coming together as a species, as humanity – such that we can bring a collective healing energy to Mother Earth and to our physical, mental and spiritual eco systems.

This is Corona’s Call for Courage.

Courage to rise above the fear and the uncertainty of what tomorrow holds in store. The courage to be there for others and stay connected. Courage to still find reasons to express gratitude.

It is with this background that I want to invite you to join us for a “Group Intention for Global Healing” session that I will be doing for eight days for 30 minutes each day to send healing energy to our planet.

The basis of this Group Intention activity is the understanding that at our core, we are all energetic beings. If we tap into this energy field around us and bring it in a collective harmonious manner we can create a greater, more powerful energetic field that will allow to shift the current low energy state of fear, chaos and anxiety.

electromagnetic field

It will also allow us to shift our perspective on current global situation and allow us to view it with a spiritual lens thus uncover the message the Universe is trying to send to us.

The Coronavirus is a sign, it’s a message its a great awakening to invite us to all treat ourselves, others and Mother Earth with more mindful respect.

When: Staring 28th March – 4th April
Time: 12:00-12:30pm AEST
Other Time Zones –
IST 6:30am
EDT 9:00pm day before
PDT 6:00pm day before

What will you need: Smartphone with Zoom App or Laptop with Internet connection