The Art and Science of Co-Creating Our Reality

The Art and Science of Co-Creating Our Reality

Have you ever wondered whether we have the ability to create with our conscious mind?

In time of disruption and accelerated change, like our current times, how to approach Conscious Manifestation?

Most importantly why does this work sometimes and not all the times?

In the space of health, we know that our body is protein producing machine. Protein is the building block and the quality of the protein represents the quality of or repair and regeneration capabilities. So how do we create better quality “building blocks”?

Yes it’s not just eating more protein! We know too much protein can hurt you rather than heal you.

Perhaps the answers lie in our ability to signal the genes that are the blueprint for the proteins our body makes. Each protein molecule creates an electro magnetic field which in turn influences it’s micro environment. When a large number high quality proteins come together they create a coherence – which uplifts the health and wellness energetic field – thereby creating healing.


We’ll discuss this further in this final class on how to apply this science practically to the space of Health, Wellness and Healthy Ageing.

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As we enter into the final week, we will transition into getting to know, how to tie all of this information together to create a life of lasting Health and Wellness!
This action packed class will help you see the “Bigger” picture of which we all are a part of.

Also there will be a performance at the end of this final class of the term on “For a Dancer by Jackson Browne”

Radical Wellness Program is a Mind-Body program to restore health, healing and vitality through energy alignment.

By attending this program, you are not only benefiting yourself, rather you are also making a difference in people’s lives.

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Make sure you have downloaded “Transformed – Your Guide to Whole Health and Wellness”, and have filled the relevant section at the end to get the most value out of these classes.

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5 pillars of the Radical Wellness Program

Radical Wellness program focuses on an integrated approach to boosting our inner pharmacy of “drugs” that allows us to not only balance our immune system, rather function in a peak state of health and wellness.
Join me for Radical Wellness every Sunday to reclaim your power!


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Next Sunday at 7:30am-9:00am AEST
$11 per class

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Last Class for this term is on 31st May 2020

Next term commences from Sunday 19th July 7.30 – 9.00 am

All profits from Radical Wellness Program go towards “Circle of Life Foundation” for educating the underprivileged.*

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Discover. Empower. Prosper.

Dr Arun Dhir

Dr Arun Dhir
Surgeon, Health & Wellness Advocate.
Author of “Happy Gut, Healthy Weight” and “Create a New You Health Journal