Synchronicity: Is it for real?


Synchronicity: Is it for real?

Feb 12, 2020

“Search for Snowy” has a deeper meaning

As we get deeper into 2020, I realised that the recent past has given me moments to spend time in deep introspection. Thanks to some life circumstances, they have fortuitously presented to me an opportunity to explore answers to the deeper “generational” questions. Questions that we get faced with from time to time – but don’t bother exploring – as they are in the “hard basket” and life is too busy anyways! As I sit down to write my reflection …

One of the questions that has often intrigued me is the basis of synchronicities or coincidences.

You’ll be surprised at what I found!

And when I read the above quote from Eckhart, I could relate to a very recent but a very moving incident that took place in my life. It goes like this:

Echart Tolle

“Search for Snowy … reveals a new meaning”

On 15th Dec, Snowy decided to disappear and explore the neighbourhood and we could not find her for over 48 hrs. Yes we did everything, drop flyers,knock doors make phone calls but no luck. Where was Snowy?

Hope she didn’t run into that fox our neighbour was talking about? Will she ever return? We had exhausted all options by now – except one! I had been reading recently about the power of focussed intention – a synonym for prayer!

At this stage the kids were ready to try anything! So I decided to give them an abbreviated version of some quantum physics and explained that if two or more people hold a focussed intention (by letting go of any other thoughts) in their minds for a period of time (and I didn’t know how long is that) they have the ability to shift energy in the universe, which could give us a clue to – in this case – Snowy. “How cool is that”, said my daughter, “but will it work?”

Let’s try! We gathered in a circle, held hands and started our Project “Letting go”. We held our intention with a single focus – to get Snowy back – letting go of any other (negative) thoughts.

What happened after you will not believe! Three minutes into our experiment, my wife calls from downstairs that she has just received a phone call from a neighbour that a bunny has been spotted in a new house at the end of the street … within minutes we are in our car armed with torches and the rescue mission was on!

snowy returns
Snowy was back with us within 33 minutes of commencing our Project “Letting Go”!

What a coincidence, we all thought and life went back to normal …. but not for me!

Something profound had just happened here!

Was it a prayer that just got answered or can we pass this off as a “mere coincidence”.

In keeping with what I had been working on, in my “inner classroom” and what just happened … I had to look harder that what was on the surface here.

It turns out that coincidence – happens to be not just an accident, rather a mathematically accepted term, which connotes when two lines, shapes or angles lie or match each other exactly, appearing as one.

Synchronicity and Letting Go!

Great philosophers like Carl Jung and the Dalai Lama have spoken about synchronicity, however then the following quote from Akemi G summarises this best

Synchronicity is an experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally unrelated. In our case this happened to be our bunny getting lost and us getting to do our “Letting Go” experiment.

The only way how I could explain this is that during this experiment we aligned the thoughts of our bunny being found with the Universe, to the exclusion of or “letting go” of any other thoughts!

I have now come to understand Synchronicities as minor miracles, little mysteries that point to a bigger one, perhaps a central one, of which we’re all a part. In contemplating synchronicities, I now don’t just marvel at the laws of probability, but wonder at their meaning, for they bring profound guidance that allow me to stay on my purpose!

And if we examine once again, what Akemi G said, “At the heart of this phenomenon of Synchronicity lies our ability to align our energy (by letting go), with that of the universe“.

On the road
My big project for 2020 is, as Eckhart Tolle says, to “Let go and align my thoughts, feelings and actions with the path that the Universe has for me”! Not easy but worth trying!

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